The Walk in Love Foundation appreciates any donation, no matter how small or large!  You can donate to the general fund, which means that your gift will be used to help anyone without any specific parameters.  As we’ve said throughout our site, our Foundation helps people who submit a request as well as things the Foundation identifies itself.

If you want your gift to go to something specific, then just let us know.  For example, some folks like to set up a scholarship that is restricted to certain fields of study.  That can be done on an annual basis, such as $500 a year, or endowed with a much larger gift.

As a young organization, we welcome everyone, but if your heart is looking for a way to really make the world a better  place, talk to us about a more substantial donation that would sustain a large project or several projects.


  • Electronically:  You can make a donation through PayPal using any major credit card.  All the Donate buttons on our site take you there, or you can click here: 
    You can consider making a One Time Donation, or if you prefer, you can set up a Monthly Subscription Donation that will be drafted out of your account on a monthly basis
  • Check or money order:  you can send it to the address on the Contact page.
  • Goods or services:  you can email, call or text from our Contact page.


The Walk in Love Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All monetary or gift donations are tax deductible, and donors will be provided with appropriate receipts for their gifts.  The Foundation supports causes without regard to any culture, religion, lifestyle, race, or anything else!  Our only parameter is that our funding is used to provide educational and spiritual development opportunities for children and young adults.  We appreciate your generosity!