Our First Blog!

Welcome to our blog, our website and our world of walking in love! This foundation, formed in 2018, is in honor of the life of Elizabeth Caradine Tully. We hope that you’ll get to know what we do, and how Caradine influenced others by walking in love. Our journey began in 2017 when we started to help others, as she was always so happy to do. Most of the time we would say…this is from the Walk in Love Foundation even though it was just us…her dad, mom, step mom, and our dear friend Amanda. A mission trip (on what would have been Caradine’s 25th birthday) helped to spur us to make things official so that we can raise money and really make a difference…just like she did!

1 thought on “Our First Blog!”

  1. Jim and Amy – Ed and I first knew about your foundation today. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt reason for developing it and this blog.
    Elizabeth must be in this picture. She’s a beautiful girl.
    Your loss is profound. Yet you are doing something about it in your pain. Such an example to all of us.
    May God continue to bless you both. And bring continuing peace.
    Love , Ed and Sandy Hufnagle


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